Uncontested Divorce

Have you and your spouse decided that you just can’t be married any longer? Have you tried everything possible and are just at the point where prolonging this toxic marriage is bad for everyone involved? Is it bad for the children? Have you and your spouse talked about divorce and have been able to jointly come up with a divorce resolution, or are you close to a resolution but just have a couple more details to work out?

Contested divorces can be time consuming, costly and difficult on the children. Due to the backlog of cases in our divorce courts, contested divorces can sometimes take years to conclude, in the process eating up thousands of dollars in legal fees and taking a hard toll the children and on your physical and emotional well being.

If at all possible, it is much simpler to enter into an uncontested divorce, whereby you and your spouse have a competent attorney draw up a divorce agreement, have both of you sign it and submit it to the divorce court. Once submitted, the Court usually signs it within 4-6 weeks and you are done and ready to move on with your lives.

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