How to Recover

Most professional articles on both divorce and custody offer that an individual can expect to be financially recovered within two years of the conclusion of their legal proceeding. The emotional toll is longer with roughly a year of recovery needed for every four...

Steering Clear of Alienation Issues

Most judges outside of clear physical abuse do not seek to remove children from one of their parents. Children define themselves psychologically by both parents regardless of whether one parent is painted as “good” or “bad”. That said, it can be incredibly challenging...

It’s All About Kids, Or Is It?

Entering into legal proceeding, whether divorce or custody, can be a trial for not only parents but the children involved. As a parent, sometimes it’s difficult to hand over co-parenting to the legal system while such proceedings are going on. Parents might check with...

Managing Expectations

Often individuals have a view that the legal system is effective and even “understanding” unless they have been through a legal matter. However, the county you file in, the judge you are assigned and the litigious nature of your spouse and their attorney determine the...

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