Child Custody

Are you having problems with the Father or Mother of your children? Are they irresponsible with your children, often times putting them in danger? Do you believe that you are the appropriate parent to have primary custody of your children? Has there been a recent change in circumstances that would make a modification of custody in order?

There are several different laws and custodial arrangements that can be acquired in Alabama. There is “legal” custody and “physical” custody. Having sole legal custody means that you get to make all decisions regarding the health, welfare and schooling of your children and having primary physical custody means that you get to have them the majority of the time with your ex having only visitation rights and being required to pay you child support.

There may have also been a change in circumstance that require a modification such as, your ex has moved in with someone, they have recently been arrested or investigated by DHR, or they have been using illegal drugs.

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