When a divorce is over, most spouses take a long-awaited sigh of relief. However, depending on what kind of attorney was on the other side this sigh could be short lived. Many will give more in divorce “settlements” than a judge would from the bench luring the other party into believing they have “won”. Shortly thereafter, the same previously generous spouse will file to amend child support, or adjust medical benefits, or will remarry or move thereby shifting visitation. It is important to think ahead. It is critical to think of your finances after your divorce or custody matter is final as all such records would be subpoenaed if any other legal matter were to arise in the future.

If you have been through legal matters and have concern about future issues with your ex-spouse, contact the Law Offices of Brian Dasinger proudly serving both Mobile and Baldwin County and surrounding areas, for advisement on what would be wise in preparation for any future litigation to set your mind at ease.

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