Most professional articles on both divorce and custody offer that an individual can expect to be financially recovered within two years of the conclusion of their legal proceeding. The emotional toll is longer with roughly a year of recovery needed for every four years spent in open abuse, whether at the hands of someone with a mental illness, personality disorder, or further imbalance.

The first step in moving toward recovery is a good legal team in guiding you through pre-filing planning, filing first if at all possible, gaining the proper legal protections such as Protection from Abuse, or PFA if applicable, and employing enough efficiency with your attorney and guardian that your legal costs are kept at a minimum. These steps will prepare you to rebound quicker, leaving you with built in protections for any future issues.

During trying and protracted legal matters, it can be tempting to think you are the only person to go through such a matter when unfortunately, many have done and are doing so and with children of all ages and with all sorts of challenges. A counselor can help to keep perspectives healthy and balanced ensuring better rest and stress management. Keeping yourself emotionally balanced is critical if you have children looking to you for support during trying legal matters. Close friends and even family members will often run out of steam listening with empathy if a matter has carried on a long time. Journaling is an excellent alternative to getting the sting of a bad experience out without having to feel you are burdening friends and feel as though you are always communicating needs and bad feelings. Further, activities outside your legal matters can keep your head above the water. Try volunteerism and even simple clubs such as painting, photography, running, and the like.

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