Many couples enduring divorce or custody matters will be ordered to go to a certified mediator to lessen or resolve their issues prior to setting a trial date which might take up a great amount of the court’s already short docket time. In lieu of this process, individuals who are entering the divorce or custody process but have a civil regard for each other and a desire to save financial resources and any unnecessary angst for the children involved, can schedule a “pre-filing” mediation. Such a mediation can result in an uncontested divorce filing with agreements already binding via mediation.

Families and couples nearly always retain more of their personal assets coming to private agreement over that which is doled out from a legal court bench. If you have young children, this is a particularly preferable route providing your spouse is civil enough to mediate. Contact the Law Offices of Brian Dasinger today to schedule a pre-filing mediation offered for pre and post nuptials, as well as for divorce and custody filings. Services are currently offered for Mobile, Baldwin County and surrounding area clients.

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