Workplace Discrimination/Wrongful Termination

Have you been a victim of workplace discrimination or have you recently been wrongfully terminated from your job for refusing to receive the Covid vaccine?

President Biden’s recent plan to vaccinate all Americans is overreach into states’ rights to protect the health and welfare of their citizens. It is illegal, illogical and immoral. There is no authority to use the office of the presidency to make a nation-wide vaccine mandate, nor to direct employers to assume liability for the same.

If an employer has made a decision to adopt this unlawful mandate in violation of your medical exemption or in opposition to your sincerely held religious beliefs, they have done so in violation of Title VII of the Cicil Rights Act of 1964.

The Law Offices of Brian A. Dasinger is ready and willing to fight for you. We are currently enlisting cases of workplace discrimination and wrongful termination. We may be able to file for an immediate injunction to block your termination or to sue your employer for violating your rights. If this is the case, it is imperative that you contact us immediately.

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