Medical Freedom Position Statement

Our office believes in individual medical freedom and the strict adherence to the constitution of the United States. We pledge to stand with clients who are suffering from the current mandates and protocols against forced masking, testing, and any other forced medical treatment. We pledge to stand with employers who do not want to be an extension of the federal government’s mandate. 

Our office will fight for your religious and/or medical vaccine exemption to be accepted  by your employer without penalization, harassment, discrimination, or encumbrance upon your employment.  If you are suffocating in your daily work, or have incurred hypoxia damage, rashes and or other health affects from an employers masking requirement based on unlawful mandates in the workplace, we will fight for your right to breathe.  We will fight for an injunction to keep you on the job and able to pay your family’s bills while we fight any employer’s denial of your right to invoke a religious exemption or claim a medical exemption. 

Our office is pro-child and we will fight for your child to be unmasked and untested, as well as to have their religious and or medical vaccine exemption to be accepted by your child’s school without penalization, discrimination, or encumbrance upon your child’s right to an education.

Our office is pro personal healthcare choices and we can equip you with a medical directive to solidify your medical choices in case you or a loved one are hospitalized and do not wish to be given a standard protocol or denied the right to see your loved ones while in a hospital setting or have them present to advocate for your needs. 

Our office is for responsible  healthcare providers. If you or a loved one received improper hospital care for COVID-19 where you were denied the right to a loved one, denied legal right to make medical decisions, or administered a drug or treatment that you either refused or that caused you bodily harm or wrongful death, we will fight for your rights. 

Our office is 100% against discrimination. If you are experiencing discrimination because of your choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate whether in the workplace, an education setting, or in the marketplace, contact our offices today. 

Our office is for personal healthcare decisions. If you complied with an employee mandated vaccination previously but would like to seek a religious medical exemption from any further mandated steps by your employer regarding your healthcare, we will fight for your right to submit a religious and or medical vaccine exemption. 

Our office is for fair employers. We are happy to fight for any employer who would like to stand up to the unlawful mandates for masking, vaccinations, and required weekly testing.

Our office is collaborative, we have alliances and partnerships with medical freedom attorneys and doctors, as well as media, political, and advocacy groups across the state and country to help us fight unconstitutional mandates of any kind.

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